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Good news (and some scary bad news)

We got really good news from yesterday’s CT scan!

In the words of Gina’s Oncologist, yesterday evening, “Gina’s response is unbelievable. It's a dramatic regression. She has so much healthy liver now, it's amazing.”

We saw the scans ourselves today, and they really are like night and day, from 10 weeks ago. Most of the tumors are barely visible anymore, and the huge one has gone from 14cm down to 5cm, with lots of calcification in what’s left.

The progress is so good that we’ll be meeting with two different doctors tomorrow to look at the possibility of moving away from chemo and toward more rapid surgery and/or radiation.

Unfortunately, we also got some bad news.

Gina’s CT scan also revealed a hole in her colon and pockets of air in her abdomen. We spent most of today in the ER.

She has what’s called typhlitis—an inflammation of the membranes of her colon due to bacterial infection.

She’ll be at Northwestern Memorial for at least the next couple of days. They’re flooding her system with three kinds of antibiotics in hopes of avoiding surgery.

She won’t be able to eat or drink until they resolve the situation, which Gina is NOT happy about.

She also missed today’s Starcom Agencywide (her annual company party). She was particularly unhappy about that, too.

Since the cancer is on its heels at the moment, it would be great if you could temporarily redirect stars to removing the bacteria that’s invading Gina’s colon, tonight and tomorrow.

Thank you for all your support of Gina. Her progress thus far has been miraculous—and a testament to all the stars and prayers she’s gotten from all of you.

We’re looking forward to getting past this latest bump in the road as quickly as possible.


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