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An easier time with chemo

I’m a little more than a week out from my second round of chemo “back” after my chemo break, and figured worth sharing an update.

I got through my first round of chemo with barely any noticeable side effects. This second round, my digestive system is starting to feel the impact, but more is going right than wrong: no nausea a saltine can’t cure, my appetite is mostly intact, and my energy is at about 95%. (Also I got a nifty hair piece to wrap around my rapidly shrinking ponytail, so I am rocking that look.)

Per pointed out that not only have I had a chemo break—I restarted chemo with less cancer in my system than I had when I started, and maybe that’s why it’s been easier. Not sure if that’s true, but regardless I’ve chosen to believe it! Which makes me optimistic things will continue to go well, even knowing the impact of chemo is cumulative and it will eventually slow me down to a degree.

Until then, I’m energized to do what I can while I can. Lots of travel this week and next—but doing things I love to do both professionally and personally. Work is challenging but rewarding—turns out cancer has a funny way of providing both perspective and clarity of focus—and I’ve found I’m more purposeful and present with family and friends. We’ve gotten the twins into their own (redecorated and adorable, thanks, Mom!) bedrooms, pulled the rest of the house into order while we were at it, and still had time for relaxed family dinners (thanks Meal Train!), movies, and plenty of cuddles.

Chemo again next Monday, and then the following Monday we are headed back to NY to do a scan to see if I’m ready for surgery.

All those stars are making a difference—right now, life feels pretty good.

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