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An unexpected stay

Hit me baby, one more time!

Per and I have been enjoying the last few days in New York—he arrived late Saturday morning just as my mother headed home. We have done lots of walking—over a mile a day—and eaten sushi and pizza while my appetite is good. Yesterday we made it to Chinatown for a pineapple bun, and we enjoyed a leftover in MSK’s waiting room this morning.

I mentioned in my last update that they only got half of the procedure done on Friday, and we would likely need to return to NY for a second procedure. So we were pretty darn surprised when today they told us that there had been a cancellation and asked us to come back for it tomorrow! That was an unexpected change of plans, but it saves us a trip back, it turned out the apartment we were borrowing was available for one more night—and Per got to watch his Giants tonight IN New York!

The surgeon will go in via endoscopy and place a stent where my bile duct meets my stomach, to encourage the bile to flow in the right direction. Life with one drain is already better than two; but I’m hoping this stent will get my output dried up sooner vs later so the drain can come out!

We worried that my oncologist would be anxious to restart chemo, as I haven’t had any since September, but she had seen the CT scan from just prior to Thanksgiving, which was clean. She was clearly relieved to see me feeling more like myself today and seemed at ease telling me I could take the time to heal.

We are scheduled to be back in NY for another CT scan and appointment Dec 22-23rd, which should make last-minute Christmas prep interesting; but we knew that might be the case and have done what we can to get ahead of it.

Maybe I’ll get chemo for Christmas!

I check in at 9:45 am ET tomorrow—so hopefully I can ask for stars from you reliable early risers AND those who share my circadian rhythms, too. It should be an outpatient procedure, and we are booked to be back in Chicago tomorrow night. See you soon!

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