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Off to New York

It’s been 6 months since Gina’s stage four cancer diagnosis, and we’re all on our way to New York City for a few days of Spring Break before her surgery on Wednesday.

The plan is to sneak in as much pizza, bagels, dim sum, and sushi—and as many museums and NYC landmarks—as possible before then. (As well as a few last adult beverages for Gina, who will no longer be able to consume alcohol post-surgery.)

Gina will be having a large section of her colon resected, her gallbladder removed, and a pump installed that will deliver chemo directly to her liver. She’s facing a long post-op recovery, followed by at least another 6-9 more months of chemo—both systemic and via the pump.

If the pump does its job, we should be back here in another 3 months or so for surgery to resect Gina’s liver. 🤞🏼

The first three oncologists we met with back in September wouldn’t even entertain a discussion about surgery, as Gina’s tumors were so large and so widespread. But Gina announced to herself after each appointment, “You don’t know me”, and found a fourth oncologist. Her response to the treatment has been nothing short of incredible—so says every doctor we’ve met with since. And so here we are, about to have surgeries that hold the promise of many more years together.

It’s been a long path to get to the operating room at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The love, assistance and acts of kindness and generosity we’ve received—from meals, to cozy clothes, to Team Gina t-shirts, to accommodations during our trip—are beyond appreciated. Thank you to everyone who has been thinking, praying, and sending stars to our Gina. Please keep them coming—we wouldn’t be here without you.




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