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So much good

Gina and I are on our way back to Chicago, after a long but really good day at MSK.

Gina has gained 30 pounds since her low point in December, and her platelets have bounced up to a more-than-healthy 188.

The surgeons said her response to chemo has been "truly spectacular": the cancer in her liver looks like it’s dying...and the tumor in her colon is totally gone. (Mind you, they still need to remove 10" of her colon for safety, but IT'S GONE.)

She's all set for surgery on her colon, gallbladder removal, and HAI pump placement on March 27th!

Maybe the best news of the day came in as we were about to board our flight: Gina's CEA count has fallen all the way down to 2.6. Anything lower than 3.0 is considered normative; which means she's “technically” back to normal!

We’ve got plenty left to do before Gina is actually back to normal, but it feels closer to being possible than ever.

Thank you all for your love, support, and stars.


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