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I owe a big round of thanks to so many of you who reached out on Facebook, via text, and in person after my last post. I wasn’t in a good place when I wrote it - but I knew wrestling it into words would be the start of feeling better, and all the wisdom and wishes that people shared got me the rest of the way.

By this weekend I was ready to live again (in between naps).

Today’s highlights: a walk along the lake and to the park when I got hit with an unexpected surge of energy—and then a run back home when we got hit with an equally unexpected downpour! We dried off and made homemade yogurt and yogurt popsicles instead.

Later I found Heineken 0.0 at our local grocery store, a completely alcohol-free drink we discovered in Sicily but didn’t think had distribution in the US. I mean, I was so excited I almost didn’t mind getting caught in ANOTHER downpour on my way back from the store!

We were able to BYOB it to tonight’s dinner where I had (cooked) sushi, and it felt like an almost normal date night. Only, you know. With Imodium.

So overall: now feeling happier and drier and ready to move forward with optimism. Thanks to all of you for boosting my bounce!

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