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Chemo #3

Checking in from Chair 21 (my favorite - it has a view of the lake!) during chemo session #3. If all goes as planned, I will be 25% done after this! Did you notice how fashionable I am looking? This shirt was handmade by our friend Dominic Lee, who researched TCM / acupuncture meridians - and placed the stars accordingly! Also it's very cozy.

We've had so many people make incredible gestures this past week, it continues to make us feel overwhelmingly lucky to be around such caring neighbors, friends and family. (A few things seem to be anonymous or at least without a gift card, so if you sent or did something and didn't get a text, it's because we couldn't track who did it! Still wondering who sent pink boxing gloves - which are adorable BTW.)

Thanks again for all the love and stars!!

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