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Chinese for dinner

We have a joke in our family that I'm the one who comes up with crazy ideas, and Per is the one who says OK.

So early this Summer, when I did the math and realized we probably wouldn't re-qualify for Executive Platinum status, I suggested a quick trip to Hong Kong to remedy the situation.

"OK," said Per.

With my diagnosis, the trip was at the top of our list of Things That Might Need To Be Cancelled or Changed. But as we got closer and closer to our departure date, I started to think a little more.

With a Stage 4 diagnosis, there is the possibility of long-term remission, but no real cure; and some stay on chemo forever. Who knows how long I have? What if this is actually the best I'm going to feel? And we talked about all the amazing memories we have from last year's similar jaunt to Dubai.

So with my doctor's blessing (and a couple bags of IV fluids in tow) we went!

And thanks to some last minute assistance from our friend, Keith, we had the pleasure of staying at the InterContinental Hong Kong in one of their incredible patio suites—with the view you see in several pictures here.

The whole experience was exquisite from start to finish, and we left Hong Kong knowing that Keith had truly given us the gift of a trip of a lifetime.

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