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Cleared for chemo #8

Chemo #8 is in the books! Had a little moment of uncertainty today, when I mentioned I had some serious bloating this weekend (the first sign of my infection last time). I got sent down for an X-ray to be sure I was ok before they gave me the chemo. Thankfully I was clear, and we chalked up the bloating to too much cauliflower and cabbage. Goodbye, cruciferous vegetables, it has been real!

A week from today, I'll be back at MSK getting scanned—and hopefully scheduled for surgery. The NW team seems really excited about the fact that I'll be heading there for an HAI pump, and one of the RNs told me she had been on Kemeny's team for a year: "She's a genius, and I just want you to know that I think you are absolutely pursuing the right path." I'm feeling optimistic that our plan for the next few months will become more clear soon.

Physically feeling better than I have the past few days and ready for a big week of travel this week: Detroit, Charlotte and then a weekend in Kohler with extended family—sadly leaving that a bit early to head to NY Sunday for MSK (but in truth not SO sad to miss Monday's water park outing). Happy to have the energy to be doing it now, even knowing I will be ready for a little down time at home next week!

(Finally, I know I am being a ridiculous optimist, but if you feel like sending extra stars, there is a little tiny part of me that hopes my scan will be SO good next week that they will tell me I don't need chemo #9 and can go straight to surgery. I'll be ok either way. But it would be so nice if that happened.)

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