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( Deep Breath. )

Our amazing, beautiful Gina was diagnosed out of the blue with advanced Stage IV Colon Cancer with metastatic tumors in her liver.

(Deep Breath.)

It’s scary stuff, and the numbers are beyond daunting, but Gina has always worked her way into the top couple percent of everything she’s ever put her mind to achieving. We expect nothing different when it comes to winning this latest challenge.

She’ll be going aggressive chemotherapy at Northwestern’s Lurie Cancer Center. They’ll be “throwing the kitchen sink at her” for 3-6 months.

Your support, good thoughts, wishes, and prayers for Gina–as well as Nathan, Evelyn, Jack, Delaney and our whole family–are very much needed.

Gina has one very specific request of anyone willing to help. She’s asking friends and family to help her visualize tiny stars flowing through her body and gently taking the cancer away bit-by-bit from her colon, pelvis, and liver. You can help by sending star emojis and the like to her phone and into her newsfeed.

We’ve put together a combined team of smart, accomplished oncologists from both The University of Chicago and Northwestern Medical Center. However, if anyone reading this knows someone (or knows someone that knows someone) it the field of colorectal metastatic cancers who would be a good person to to consult with about finding the right clinical trials or advanced treatments for when we’ve worked our way through chemotherapy, that would be amazing.

This group is for friends who want to support Gina, find out how they can help, and get regular updates on how it’s going.

Go Gina, Go.

I love you like crazy.

Let’s Win.

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