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Down a drain, up an appetite

Good news!

I’m discharged! And I had lunch! We walked there! And it was delicious!

I’m feeling good. My biggest worry going into this procedure was that it would knock back my recovery—especially when they told me this morning it would require general anesthesia.

That I woke up with an appetite—and a craving for roast beef, when I haven’t wanted anything even remotely that heavy in weeks—was a great sign. (Red meat is good for red blood cell production, and I’m still dealing with anemia from my resection surgery.)

Also good news: they removed one of the two drains, the one on my side. As a side sleeper, you know I rejoiced!

And just a little bad news: they couldn’t find the source of the suspected bile duct leak. Which means I’m probably going to have to have another procedure, where they go in via endoscopy to find its source and correct it. It won’t happen this weekend, so I am anticipating another trip to NY in my near future (unless I miraculously heal up).

Luckily, we have been the beneficiaries of yet ANOTHER loaned New York apartment from a generous colleague—just steps away from my MSK follow ups on Monday, not to mention 100 good places to calorie load.

We are cozy and settled in and ready for recovery! Thanks so much for all your stars today—they worked!!

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