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After years of making Scarpetta’s pasta recipe, I finally took my mom there! She’s here in New York with me, and I am lucky to have her taking me to tomorrow’s drain replacement surgery (check in at 6:15 am ET).

Everything sounded like a straightforward procedure, and I finally made my peace with it—until my surgeon called a few days ago.

“You should be healed by now, and those drains should be dried up. But liquid follows the path of least resistance, so the fact that your drains are still going would suggest your bile ducts are either blocked or scarred.”

What does that mean? The likelihood of ANOTHER drain going in tomorrow!

I told the surgeon I would welcome another little drain to complete my drain family. And I almost meant it. Secretly still hoping at least one comes out. But mostly, wanting to make sure I’ve got the right drains in the right places to get back to feeling good, and soon.

Early risers, I’ll appreciate your stars tomorrow to help get me there!!

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