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Happy Thanksgiving!

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that Gina's CEA count, which measures cancer-related proteins, had gone down a little bit.

At diagnosis, Gina's CEA number was 931. (A normal CEA reading is 0 - 2.5.)

Yesterday, we learned that after three rounds of chemo, Gina's CEA level had dropped 95%, to 49!

While the CEA number is kind of meaningless on its own, the trend of a sharp reduction IS significant.

It means that it's working.

The chemo. The pills. The prayers. The stars. Your kind words and acts. THEY'RE ALL WORKING!

Thank you. We're so happy to be heading into tomorrow with some encouraging news. We're grateful for all your support and kindness. We wouldn't be where we are without it!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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