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Healthy and done in 2021 (almost)!

“Healthy and Done in 2021” was an excellent goal, but Covid snuck in just under the wire, with four cases in our household thus far—including myself.

As such, we had to move our trip to MSK for post-radiation scans to later in January. I had been feeling better and better in the weeks since treatment, and was looking forward to getting what I hoped would be clean scan results - so it’s a bummer both to wait and also to suddenly be feeling less good again, thanks to Covid.

The good news is that no one seems to have more than bad-cold symptoms. I’ve mostly felt tired and achy, with a sore throat and a nagging cough.

Thankfully, Per is somehow still Covid-free, taking care of the rest of us, and still holding out hope that everyone will be well soon, so we can finally all sit down together to celebrate a last bit of Christmas with some of his traditional Norwegian waffles.

Happy New Year!


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