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How to bounce

After a rough start to the week, things started to look up—I figured out how to sequence anti-nausea pills so I'm not throwing up in the executive floor bathroom, my eyelids started to heal with the right cream, and I even had an appetite!

I told my therapist that it made me feel better to recognize that I've dealt with each of the side effects as they come - and so far, nothing has gotten me down for too long. She suggested I come up with an affirmation to remind me of this on bad days. I imagine she had in mind something like, "My body is powerful, and it knows how to heal."

But I closed my eyes, and you know what popped into my head?

You know how to bounce.

This afternoon, I suddenly felt super sick again—too sick to talk. But once home, Per gave me IV fluids and an electrolyte drink. And as I have been gradually regaining equilibrium, that's what I've been telling myself.

Now I feel pretty good, and ready for a great weekend with Per and the kids. And if anything else hits me—I know how to bounce.

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