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New business

A picture from earlier this week, when I traveled to support the new business team. My nausea and fatigue are still unpredictable, and I was feeling unsettled-bordering-on-guilty about maybe not being able to go into the room at the last minute and ultimately decided better not to risk it. But as I watched the team rehearse, I felt an enormous amount of relief as I realized, "they are going to be just fine."

And they were!!

I've spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not I should be working during this time, but experiences like this convince me that having the continued connection with and support of my team is vital. And I'm coming to grips with this reality: on my good days, I'll go into work and give more than I take. On my bad days, I'll take more than I give.

(I've got another whole post on how absolutely phenomenal my company and my team have been, but I'll leave it for another day.)

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