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My opium den

Just a quick update from today: I did chemo #5, which means I'm one away from halfway done.

They will do a scan in just under two weeks to see my progress, and then we will talk about continuing this course versus exploring other options (radiation / surgery). Since at the beginning of this process nobody seemed willing to tell me I could be a candidate for either of these, this feels like a good turn!

My doctor was very excited today about my CEA drop and the fact that she can only barely feel anything in my liver.

Continuing to manage side effects is the focus the next few weeks. My weight was down again, slightly, so they are introducing some steroids to help with that. As well as an "Opium tincture" to address GI issues. Doesn't that sound like something you would have been prescribed back in the 1900's—along with a leech??

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