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Feeling some positive momentum

Yesterday, we met with our oncologist and got some preliminary positive results. Yay!

My CEA cancer marker is starting to go down vs baseline after the first treatment, in spite of warnings that it could initially flare.

Importantly, if only emotionally, I think I can feel a difference in my abdomen. (Just before my colonoscopy, I discovered a mass under my ribcage, which turned out to be tumor on my liver.) So I was happy when the doctor checked this and confirmed that there was indeed a noticeable and positive "loosening" there.

I've definitely felt more crummy with side effects this round, so it very much helps to feel like we are starting with some positive momentum, even if it's still early days.

So many thanks for all the stars and love that got us started. We have had many incredible gestures this past week and continue to be overwhelmed by everyone's kindness!!

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