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Positive momentum at MSK

Spent the day at MSK yesterday, lots of good momentum!

1) My liver enzymes qualified me for pump chemo, my second round to date

2) I met a lovely friend of a friend who was there for an initial consult—she was deemed a good candidate for the pump and is going for it! It’s been such a blessing to meet and speak with so many wonderful people who are going through similar journeys.

3) I also met a woman who had the pump many years ago and is now ten years cancer free! She told me about her “55 and still alive” birthday party. I may need one of those.

4) My CEA is down to 1.3 from 1.7 at the start of May—a great indication that chemo is continuing to work for me

5) I made my 5:30 flight by the skin of my teeth, running into LGA at 5:07. Luckily cancer has made me more comfortable asking for favors, like for example in the TSA line.

In a month, I’ll get a CT scan to see if I’m ready for liver resection surgery. Before then, I’ll have one more round of systemic chemo—and one trip to Sicily with family. If that’s not a recipe for success, I don’t know what is. I’m 12 rounds of chemo in at this point, and feeling optimistic!

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