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Post-surgery: not what I expected

We are settled into our second generously-loaned NYC apartment for a few more days of recovery.

So far I have to say it’s not what I expected:

I have more incisions than I expected: nine total. The two surgeons both said 4-5 incisions. We hadn’t realized they meant each!!

My pain from surgery is more manageable than I imagined it would be. I’ve been able to decrease my dose of Oxy during the day and am *almost* at a point where Tylenol is enough.

But my back hurts so much! I’m sure due to the hospital bed and my body trying to compensate for a weakened core. So I’m very glad for my prescription painkillers—and Per’s chiropractor sister Patti in town!

My belly is way more swollen than I expected—Per had to go out to buy me new pants. And my appetite is non-existent. Both these facts are super irritating given our current location near the Bowery which is basically a food and clothing mecca. Luckily I managed to eat almost a whole piece of pizza last night (and it was delicious!).

I’m much more mobile than I expected to be. I can get up and down from bed by myself, and I’ve been able to walk a half mile at a time. But I’m also surprised how quickly I’m exhausted - I can take a three hour nap after a half mile walk and am ready for bed by 8 pm each night!

My mom is in town now, her first trip to NY since she was a teenager. I’m looking forward to walking with her through the city (and giving Per a little break from care taking). Walking is supposed to be the best thing I can do for my recovery!

We are heading out now, in hopes of working up at appetite for lunch. Here we go!

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