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Pre-surgery nerves

Thanks to all for your love, support and stars yesterday.

To be honest, I was really nervous going into the procedure. Delaney was super emotional the day prior as she said goodbye, and I found myself wondering all kinds of morbid thoughts.

But everything went as planned—although they did end up removing one ovary “just to be safe,” something they warned us they may want to do. Luckily we are full up on kids!

I was feeling relatively good after I woke up from the procedure, but as the anesthesia wore off throughout the course of the night, things started to go south, fast. I only have one kidney, so they tried to start me with Tylenol only. When it was clear that wasn’t going to work, they moved to a super low dose of narcotics every three hours. It would take the edge off for an hour or so, and then I would be writhing in pain, only making things worse for myself, I’m sure! By 6 am, I was crying and begging for relief. Luckily Dr Kingham’s fellows had early rounds and got me hooked up with on-demand pain relief: I went from .25 units every three hours to as much as .20 units every ten minutes!

That helped enormously, and in short order I was able to get up, get my catheter removed, take a walk or two and have something to eat. My mood improved considerably!

Between the lack of sleep last night and the pain meds, I’ve been dozing a lot today. But they’ve been very happy how much moving I’ve managed to do. We had visits from Nathan and Per’s brother, David, too.

Now awaiting a very simple dinner—we will see how much I can get down without nausea. And then I will be ready for bed.

But overall I think I am in pretty good shape for the day after major surgery! Thanks to all for helping to get me through this!!

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