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Pump ready

Today, we met with Gina’s oncologist and both of her surgeons. They could not be happier with her progress. She’s feeling pretty good, healing nicely, and the swelling has begun to go down.

(The only little bummer is that they discovered a blood clot in her splenic vein, which means she’ll need to get a shot in her belly every day for the next month.)

But, in the good news category, her blood tests were great—so great that they opted to begin her first round of pump-delivered chemo TODAY!

⭐️ That’s two weeks earlier than we expected! ⭐️

Now comes the really important part of her treatment. Everything that’s gone so well so far has all been to one end: getting Gina to liver surgery this summer.

We need the pump-delivered chemo to eliminate enough of the smaller-but-still-effin-there liver tumors, so that her surgeon can perform a liver resection.

Successful liver surgery is what will make all the difference for Gina. It’s where the “years and years and years” will come from.

Right now, we are (finally) on our way back home to Chicago... Grateful for everyone who helped us get here, and everyone who made us feel so well cared for while we were in NYC (especially Adam & Alisa, Dave, and their families who graciously shared their beautiful homes with us)... Thankful for all the thoughts, prayers, and stars... And hopeful that all this really, really might just work.

It’s not the perfect metaphor, but it seems apt for today, as it’s the Cubs’ home opener: Getting the pump successfully installed and working is like getting called up to the big leagues. This is our shot. It’s time to swing big.

Let’s win.


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