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Reminder to be (a) patient

It’s day three at MSK, and we are set to be discharged tomorrow!

Versus my past procedures, I cannot get over how very TIRED I am. If I’m not trying to eat or do laps, I’m basically asleep. And three laps around the hallway are enough to wipe me right out.

I had a to-do list to tackle in bed, and I haven’t had the energy to even look at it to boss Per around. And my appetite is null and void: I’m managing a few bites and a milk at each meal.

But my epidural and my drain are both out, and I’m feeling pretty good aside from the pain; which is manageable (especially since I’m not moving so much as I sleep). I seem to have sidestepped any major complications, which were the big risks for this procedure: bile duct leaks or liver failure.

The nursing staff has been wonderful—and nobody is a better nurse than Per!

So that’s all very promising in the macro sense, and I just have to remind myself to be patient. It took a few weeks to feel normal last time, and I know the same will be true this time.

It’s been just awesome to read all your notes. Thank you for making sure there’s always something encouraging waiting for me each time I wake up!

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