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The side effects are setting in

Having gotten to the afternoon of Day 7 without experiencing any serious side effects, I thought I might be in the clear. LOL, not so much! But honestly, it's not been nearly as bad as expected: the nausea has been largely controllable with Rx, so mostly I'm dealing with fatigue and an upset tummy. And a little bit of chemo rash, too. Sigh.

But we got out and walked to brunch (twice!) this weekend, and I ate both times! I saw friends from college! And we have been blessed with all sorts of food, gifts, and visitors - including Per's sister, Patti, who arrived today to help for a few days. 😊

I'm convinced that all the prayers and love and stars made my first week of chemo easier than it might otherwise have been - so thanks to all! ⭐️

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