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So far, so stable

So far, so good.

I beat the snow to MSK today, and found out that my CT scan was stable, the third good scan in a row.

Dr Kemeny thought this was good news—not just that it was stable, but that I stayed stable in spite of being on a lighter chemo protocol. We talked about when I would be able to take a chemo break; she confirmed I would not have to be on chemo forever (my second-worst fear) and thought I might want to do a PET scan in two months to confirm the cancer was completely dead.

Then she looked at me and asked when I had last eaten.

And that’s how I got scheduled for a PET scan at 9 am tomorrow.

Although the CT scan was stable (as was the one before that; and the PET before that), this PET will confirm that there is no visible active living cancer.

If that’s clear, I should be able to take a break.

So please: keep your fingers crossed and the stars flowing! I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle.


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