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Taking good for granted

It feels so good to feel good!!

I had been wondering what it would feel like to have pump + systemic chemo for a cycle, and the answer is: not nearly as bad as systemic-only chemo.

Between that and a four day weekend (and my mom coming in during the two days I wasn’t feeling so hot), I felt better than I’ve felt in a long time. After a lazy Saturday morning, I hit the kitchen and pretty much kept going until dinner tonight: two batches of charred onion dip, homemade yogurt with fresh berry sauce, pizza sauce, four pizzas, and twelve calzones. Making it that much better: we enjoyed those pizzas with people we loved (who brought sides and dessert), and the twins were excited to help me with most of it.

I maybe pushed it a little harder than I should have - I crashed hard Saturday evening and needed naps Sunday and today—but I couldn’t resist, because it felt so incredibly good to feel like my normal self for a few hours!

I want to remember this feeling - and remind myself never to take feeling good for granted. (It’s a little like seeing old pictures of me pop up on FB Memories and thinking, man, after this I will NEVER think I’m having a bad hair day again. My hair looked great before I lost half of it! What was I so worried about??)

Super excited for the week to come. Per is in town, the backyard is about to bloom, and we have lots of good eating to do! Loving being able to love life.

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