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Emerging from the woods

Thanks so much to everybody who hung out in the woods with us for the past few days. I can tell you, it was much easier with company.

Yesterday was a tough day, emotionally and physically. Emotionally because of all the unknowns, and physically because my doctors decided to do some surgical procedures and scans to get me ready for radiation. The procedures were uncomfortable and required me to lie flat and still for six hours afterward—which may not sound terrible, but I can assure you: it was painful and a major bummer. (Radiation will likely be our next step as I’m on an enforced “Chemo Holiday” while I heal from this infection.)

Life started to look a lot better around 6 pm, when they finally approved me for a clear liquid diet, and I had the best beef broth of my life; and even better at 8 pm when I could legitimately move again.

Today I’ve felt really good. The twins came to visit, which was an hour of pure joy, even if a good portion of their stay was spent playing in my closet. It’s been 17 days since my last chemo treatment, so I’m feeling better from that, and have just graduated to a “full liquids” diet. They’ll want to give me at least 24 hours on this before seeing if I can tolerate regular food. Once that happens, I’ll be in position to be discharged and heading home—hopefully by Monday.

The really good news: nobody is talking about me having surgery any more. So while we are not quite out of the woods, at least we’re moving toward cautiously optimistic.

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