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The path ahead

Looks like we finally are on a path to lead us out of the woods! We have a plan: full liquid diet until tomorrow. Then another CT scan to see how the typhlitis has responded to antibiotics. If everything looks good, hopefully a discharge and a few weeks of oral antibiotics at home.

Can't say I'm thrilled about liquid diet for another two days (or more) but at least they let me bring in smoothies from Protein Bar and pork broth from Ramen-San! (Those of you who gave us GrubHub gift cards, know they are going to great use with delivery to the hospital.) And I would rather be out of here than not, but I'm making good headway on Christmas shopping in the meantime.

Last night I couldn't sleep, and I eventually realized my head was racing with too many plans for getting healthy: yoga, Barre classes, what I would eat and where I would travel. My body desperately wants to be healthy. So that's my plan! That and to start looking up some Christmas smoothie recipes.

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