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The right plan for a better lunch

Today was a better day.

We ventured out to lunch with a finely tuned plan:

“We are not going to have a conversation on the way.” “Agreed; I will only make statements that require no response.” “When we get to the restaurant, I will sit down immediately.” “And I will not ask nor will I let anyone else ask you any questions.” “Great. And what do I need most urgently upon arrival?” “Water!”

With that, we set out to painstakingly walk several blocks to the well-researched place we found on Yelp, whose menu included two items that sounded appetizing.

The fact that we arrived to find it closed, and I did not dissolve into an immediate second meltdown must be proof of my emotional growth.

We found another option several blocks away, made our way there, and had a lovely lunch. All in all, I probably walked twice as much today and felt better than yesterday.

More importantly, I had constructive and valuable talks with each member of my immediate family where I was able to articulate what I had realized I needed from each of them—things that nobody except my mom, my dad, and my sister could provide. (None of which they would have been able to guess themselves had I not shared.) I feel even closer to them than I had before. And I know the chats never would have happened without the prompting meltdown.

Another example of things happening for a reason.

I cannot thank you enough for all responding with the thoughts and insights packed into each comment on last night’s post, all of which helped me to better understand where I was and why. I needed you all last night—and boy did you deliver!

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