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Entering the woods

This is the first time that we’ve felt scared since Gina’s initial diagnosis, three months ago.

We’re in the woods.

Stage IV cancer itself is frightening, but the initial path for treatment was pretty clearly laid out for us from the beginning, and up until this week, everything had been going according to plan—even the part about getting miraculous results from chemo.

But for the time being, the path is no longer clear.

The ER doctors quickly identified Gina’s Typhlitis, and started her on tons of antibiotics, but her body’s reaction to the infection is atypical. Her white blood cell count is super high, instead of super low, where they’d expect it to be. So the doctors aren’t quite sure which way to go either. They’re going to try to let Gina have some clear liquids this evening to see what happens, and hopefully the path forward will start to reappear over the next few days.

Thank you for helping us through the woods.


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