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Time to heal!

My belly is ticking. I can literally hear my pump from INSIDE MY BODY. It is wild, it’s like I am a cartoon character who swallowed a watch!

I’ve had the pump pushing chemo since Monday and am pleased to report almost no side effects given that the treatment is so targeted. (I’ll have systemic chemo again in a week and a half, so I’m not totally off the hook. But I’ll take 50% chemo side effects over 100% any day of the week!)

After two weeks of chemo, the pump needs to be flushed with saline, and I wanted to do that locally. Northwestern doesn’t have experience yet with this new pump (the old Codman pump that Dr Kemeny helped to develop was discontinued last spring), so Medtronic is sending a rep to train the nurses there next week, and the rep will come back to oversee my first pump saline flush the Monday after Easter.

I’m excited for Northwestern to have this exposure; the Midwest deserves to have a well-developed pump program to broaden access beyond those who can fly to NY for treatment. I figure it’s just one more reason for me to make a full recovery: hopefully a local success story will motivate the NW oncology team to commit to developing a real pump practice here!

Tick, tick, tick.

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